An Emergency for Foster

During a week of rain Foster, our racehorse, came in from the pasture not wanting to put pressure on his back leg. We picked his hoof and found rocks and mud and thought that would give him relief. 15 minutes later he went to lay down in his stall and put his head towards his stomach, which is not a good sign. 

We got him up and sent videos to our vet. He still wouldn’t put pressure on his leg. He was displaying signs of colic and a hoof abscess, we weren’t sure if it was both or just one. We just felt like something was wrong so we called the Weem and Stephens, the closest equine hospital, and brought him in right away. 

It turns out he was colicking from dehydration and reflux. With all of the water troughs, we couldn’t believe he could be dehydrated! “Well, did you drink enough water today?” she asked us. With the heat and already not feeling well, it may have led to him not wanting to drink. The vet said that if you go through their stalls, they have at least 8 other horses admitted for the same thing. Reflux refers to a buildup of fluid that they cannot get rid of on their own (as horses cannot throw up). If he had not gone to the hospital, his stomach could have filled up with the fluid and it could have been fatal.

Separately, he did have an abscess in his hoof, which was drained and treated and we will continue to treat at home by wrapping his hoof. Foster had to spend two nights at the vet, getting fluids and healing. We are so happy to have our racehorse back home!