Sustainability to Stay

Together, Let’s Build a Sustainable Future

Everything we do has an environmental impact. That’s why we’re taking actionable steps to do good by you, our planet and all our furry friends. Here’s how:

Carbon Neutral Shipping

We offset 100% of carbon emissions from your FHF shipments, thanks to our partnership with Clearloop & Terrapass. When you checkout, you reclaim your carbon footprint for every delivery by funding new green initiatives.

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Responsible Packaging

We know you care about keeping your empty products out of the waste stream. That’s why the majority of our products are packaged in glass that is 100% recyclable and reusable. Hint: our farmies love using their used-up body cream jars as adorable plant pots.

Even our hand cream tubes and professional spa containers are made with MDPE (recycle code ‘2’) – among the most universally recyclable resins.

Zero-Waste & Hydroponic Farming

We’re using sustainable farming methods (hydroponic and organic) to grow microgreens, herbs and vegetables that get extracted quickly to become fresher than fresh ingredients in the products you know and love.

Our novel zero-waste process ensures cucumbers are harvested, cleaned, and become extracts the very same day with all the pulpy leftover rinds being fed to a local farms’ egg-laying chickens.

This is only the start.

Sustainability is a journey, not a destination. We know we have so much more to do and learn – and we’re continuing to seek out new opportunities that will keep your skin, our planet and our animal companions one step closer to a greener world.