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Corporate Volunteer Program

Looking for a unique outing for your large group? Join us for a "Pasture Party" at the Sanctuary! We've hosted a variety of groups, including church groups, neighborhoods, and corporate teams.

Our larger group parties consist of 10-40 people and last 2-3 hours. During that time, we'll work together to pick up pastures, tidy stalls, fill hay bags, and clean food pans. We'll provide bagels, fruit, and water. Plus, you'll get to meet some of our ambassador Sanctuary Residents, including goats, sheep, horses, and donkeys before the day is done! Corporate Volunteer Groups typically start the day at 9:30-10:00am and finish around noon-1pm.

Please email if you are interested in scheduling a Corporate Volunteer activity.

Volunteering Helps & Heals

Want to get away from it all and feel good doing it? Join us for a morning of volunteering to help some of the most loving and deserving animals around, and even spend time with them before you leave.

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