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Together, we’re saving the furriest among us.

Turn your jar upside-down! Type the code you see below, and see all the wonderful rescue initiatives made possible by you, in the very month your batch came off the line.


Track your batch

See who you helped save

Use the search bar below to track the batch code you have purchased. Batch codes are printed on the under side of our jars and bottles. If you have a hand cream tube, it is a tiny number crimped into the top long edge of the tube (they’re sometimes tricky to read!)

- Remove the zeros at the start of a number
For instance, 002652 = 2652

- Remove the blank spaces in the middle of a number
For instance, 031 3D = 0313D

- Some tube crimps show 2 sets of numbers. Try each set individually.

Your everyday favorites are every day saving lives.

Your skincare dollars make an immediate difference. In a given month, profits from purchases of FarmHouse Fresh® products help us buy 16,000 pounds of hay, 3,300 pounds of grain, and nearly $10,000 in medical expenses for the FarmHouse Fresh® Sanctuary animals.

Your purchases also fund employee time in all day-to-day caregiving which includes feeding, cleaning, and administering medicine. As we save more animals throughout the year, we expand barns, fencing, and pasture shelters for the animal's living environment.

Your purchases don't stop there! They reach coast to coast, funding rescue organizations nationwide, who are working tirelessly, daily, to save, rehabilitate and rehome countless additional animals.

Help Us Give Animals
the Life They Deserve

100% of your donation is going to save
neglected animals and provide medicare care, housing & nutrition.

Love, Care & Dedication in Action