Rescue Mission

Life is Short. Save Something Furry.®

At FarmHouse Fresh®, we believe life is infinitely richer when we help those we love, and we LOVE animals.

What you buy changes lives.

Located on 10 hilly acres surrounding our headquarters, is our non profit Farm Animal Sanctuary with over 50 special needs animals. Here we provide specialized life care of elderly and severe neglect cases, while also supporting other non profit organizations.

The purchase of a single hand cream can directly place starving donkeys with a rescue group, pay for surgeries on injured animals dropped at a sale barn, or fly dogs on euthanasia lists to communities where they are adopted in days.

We've made it our life's work to make your skincare dollars stretch farther than you could have ever imagined, and you make these rescues possible! 10% or more of profits from your jar go directly to saving animals -- who you can meet by tracking your batch code.

Sanctuary Animals

Our skincare headquarters is also home to our registered 501(c)(3) non-profit farm animal sanctuary, recently featured in People Magazine for our unique Skincare that Saves mission. Our employees care for all the beautiful souls who come here to be brought back to life and healed. Meet them here, and see countless others you've helped save with your purchases.


Rescuing Coast to Coast

See videos & photos of all the animal rescues made possible by you.


Hey Girl, Hay!

Look for our “Hey Girl, HAY!” emails. Make your FHF purchase that day. 20% of sales are immediately donated to one of our favorite animal rescue groups.


Be Part of the Rescue

Track Your Batch
You donkey rescuer, you! Your purchases immediately help us rescue neglected animals. Track your batch and see who you helped.
Want to help even more? 100% of your donation goes toward saving neglected animals and providing critical medical care, housing, and nutrition. 
Other ways to Support
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What they're saying

"Skincare Company Also Runs Rescue Full of Inspiring Animals"

Love, Care & Dedication in Action