Meet our Estheticians

We raise the bar on results.

Wonder where those rockstar results come from? Meet our team of Licensed Estheticians who steam, press, extract, mist, layer and test their way through the ideal formulas and regimens to bring out the best of your complexion.

Holly Wydra

Licensed Esthetician

Holly is a licensed Cosmetology Instructor and Esthetician, working in the beauty industry for over 20 years. Her passion for Skincare Education has been the most rewarding part of her career and she currently enjoys training both FHF team members and customers.

Becky Beall

Licensed Esthetician

As a licensed Medical & Oncology Esthetician, Becky has spent 18 years in the beauty industry. She is an expert in Skincare Rejuvenation with a focus on Anti-Aging - Correction and Repair. 

Jennifer Howard

Licensed Esthetician

Jennifer has been an Oncology and Medical Trained Licensed Esthetician for over 12 years.  She has provided Spa Management Consulting, as well as training in Facial treatments, Advanced Modalities & Waxing.  Jennifer loves empowering therapists with knowledge, confidence and new skills to create delight for their clients.

Valerie Sam

Licensed Esthetician

As a multi-state licensed Esthetician & Manicurist, Valerie has spent over 13 years in skincare & wellness.  Her experience includes Advanced Esthetics teaching and Spa Management within Resort Spas and Private Yacht Club facilities in the US and Caribbean.  Valerie enjoys working with advanced treatments such as anti-aging, chemical peels and non-invasive body therapy services.

Brittany Mason

Licensed Esthetician

Brittany is a Regional Account Executive and Spa Educator for FHF. She is an honors graduate of the Ogle School of Hair, Skin, and Nails and has been a Licensed Medical Esthetician for over 5 years. Brittany is a Certified Laser Technician and has her Dermaplaning and Chemical Peel Certification. She has always had a passion for business development and the education side of esthetics, thus becoming her own spa owner and operator, and joining the FHF team last year. She enjoys helping our spa partners create custom treatments, training on product knowledge and sales strategies, and hosting Live Shows on social media.  

Trisha Grimes

Licensed Esthetician

Trisha is a licensed medical esthetician and national makeup artist/trainer.  She has been cultivating her knowledge of skin rejuvenation for over 15 years.  She works one on one with our FHF customers doing virtual consultations to select the appropriate skincare for their needs and also to teach them how to properly use their products to achieve optimal results.

Kylee Kintis

Licensed Esthetician

Kylee is a Licensed Medical Esthetician with certifications in Chemical Peels, Dermaplaning, Lasers, and Non-Invasive Body Treatments. She consults with FHF customers daily and loves to create a customized treatment plan for their skincare needs.

Jessica Brennan

Licensed Esthetician

Jessica has been a licensed Esthetician for 12 years in the skin care industry.  Jessica encompasses a holistic approach customizing treatments to allow the skin to achieve optimal health.

Brenda Marler

Licensed Esthetician

Brenda has been a Licensed Esthetician for 16 years, working in the Luxury Resort Spa industry. She is an expert in LED Light Therapy, Chemical Peels & Advanced Modalities, as well as Luxury Body Treatments & Spa Management

Marie Kliewer

Licensed Esthetician

Marie has been a licensed esthetician and makeup artist for over 5 years. Her passion for skincare started with makeup but she quickly fell in love with all things skin. She specializes in dermaplaning, chemical peels and customized facials. As an Educator she most enjoys sharing all of her knowledge with you through social media and creating customized regimens so you can feel more confident about yourself.

Rozlynn Pollack

Licensed Esthetician

Rozlynn is a licensed Esthetician with over 20 years of experience in the Luxury Salon and Spa Industry. Her experience includes an assortment of professional industry certifications. Rozlynn has always had a passion for business development and education. She enjoys helping our spa partners succeed with customized training and sales strategies.

Victoria DeSoto

Licensed Esthetician

Victoria is a licensed esthetician and specializes in dermaplaning, customized facials, and eyelash extensions. She has always had a passion for beauty as make-up was her first dive into the skincare world many years ago. As a spa educator, she loves teaching clients the importance of taking care of their skin, as well as the ingredients behind our amazing products. Victoria loves empowering the natural beauty everyone has.

Lindsey Baczewski

Licensed Esthetician

Lindsey is a licensed Medical Esthetician & Makeup/Lash Artist with an Associate's Degree in Education and over 9 years of experience in the spa and beauty industry. As a Regional Trainer and Spa Educator, she enjoys helping our spa partners feel empowered in their product knowledge and sales strategies, and specializes in Advanced Modalities and Treatment Techniques.

Lauren Logan

Licensed Esthetician

Lauren has been a Licensed Esthetician for over 9 years working in Skincare and Management. She has received advance certifications in LED, Dermaplaning, Chemical peels, and Acne and Aging correction. As an educator she loves traveling to different Spas and helping therapists gain their confidence to provide optimal results for their clients.

Brandi Johnson

Licensed Aesthetician

Brandi is a Master Aesthetician and has dedicated over 25 years to skincare.  She is a licensed Aesthetics Instructor, Manicurist, and Sole Proprietor of a Boutique Spa featuring FHF products. Brandi was raised on the family dairy farm, and her love of animals inspired her to advocate for cruelty-free, organic skincare products. Brandi’s passion is creating exquisite facial experiences and personally tailored, optimized skin care focused on health, balance, and non-invasive technique. FHF products have been a huge success and a driving force in her practice!

Courtenay Mize

Licensed Esthetician

Courtenay is a Medical Trained Licensed Esthetician and Wellness Personal Trainer.  She is passionate about all things wellness.  Her experiences include years of management, esthetician, and teaching within the Luxury Spa Industry.  She is an expert in advanced treatments for skin rejuvenation working with chemical peels and advanced modalities.

Nicole Heisler

Licensed Esthetician

As a licensed Cosmetologist/Esthetician, Nicole has spent 15 years in the beauty and spa industry, with over 12 consecutive years in a prestigious high-end, Forbes-rated spa. She holds numerous beauty industry certifications and is a multi-skilled professional who has perfected an array of different services including luxury esthetics, body, hair, nails, and reflexology. She is very passionate about natural and holistic ingredients and education within the beauty industry.