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Welcome to FarmHouse Fresh. We make award-winning, celebrity-loved skincare designed for rapid, real-time results. Our extracts are grown fresh daily on our farm, because we believe potent is powerful. A favorite for over 11 years - voted by spas in American Spa Magazine's Professional's Choice Awards, with products that consistently top beauty editor lists in major magazines.

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Why Partner With Us

10 Reasons You Will Flourish with FarmHouse Fresh:

1. We Transform Complexions – Fast

Through potent botanical extracts grown fresh daily on our farm.

2. Trusted With Radiant Results

Voted among the Favorite Spa Brands for over 12 years by professionals through American Spa Magazine.

3. Trusted for Top Sales

Voted the industry’s Favorite Skincare Line & Effervescent Fizzers by Gift & Decorative Accessories Magazine readers ('22 & '23). Recognized as a top brand gifted by dermatologists by New Beauty.

4. Award-Winning Training

Voted a Favorite in the Spa Industry with a 24/7 Online Certification Platform offering certificates & rewards, plus weekly promotions for FHF Partners throughout the year.

5. Clinical Results That Wow

Extensive consumer testing ensures every product delivers fast, powerful results. Plus, our shelf talkers highlight these transformations, turning customers into happy regulars.

6. Beauty Editor Picks & Celebrity Favorites

Over 50 Beauty Editor picks and celebrity favorites – supported with eye-catching display signage.

7. Provide Display Consultants

Display consultant at the ready to help with your display for maximum aesthetic & sales appeal.

8. Comprehensive Advertising Support

Access a library of online advertising materials including photography, videos, and marketing signs.

9. Farmtopia Rewards Program

Earn free products, displays, and samples for you and your team members.

10. A Happy Heart ♥️

You and your guests are animal rescuers, too! Helping save animals jar by jar.

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