A Valentine's Day Rescue: Meet Larry

On Valentine’s Day, Jen from Healing Hearts Rescue and Refuge reached out for help with a horse who had been at Bowie for a few weeks and was a direct ship.

Despite over 100,000 views of his video, there was no interest, and his transport was not arranged until March. To prevent him from staying at the auction longer, they asked if we could take him until March. The next morning, we went to pick him up!

A Name That Stuck

When Elise first saw the video of the newest rescue horse, a name popped into her head: Larry. 

She initially dismissed it as sounding a bit silly. However, the following day, a couple unexpectedly visited the ranch and generously donated $1000. Surprisingly, the man's name was Larry! How could we not name him that now?!

Larry's Health Check

A few days after arriving at our ranch, Larry had his new patient exam with Dr. Metcalf. Overall, everything looked good, and there was nothing emergent. His lungs sounded good (a concern we always have when they come from the auction), and his body score was a 4 out of 9. We have increased his feed to help him gain some more weight.

Dr. Metcalf believes he is between 13-15 years old based on his teeth. He has sharp fangs that will need to be addressed during his next dental float. The injury to his right eye is likely due to an ulcer that ruptured, causing the eye to pop out. At this time, it does not seem to be bothering him. His front left foot looks like a congenital Club Foot and is likely causing soreness in that knee.

Looking Ahead: Larry's Future

Larry was SO good during his hoof exam this week by our amazing farrier, Glenn, and was awarded Patient of the Day. He stood very well and allowed his foot to be picked up and picked.

Thank you, Healing Hearts Animal Rescue and Refuge, for giving us the privilege to help name and rescue Larry, and get him prepared for his new home!