Posting & Sharing

Using FarmHouse Fresh Social Media Content


We love when you share our posts on your feed and help spread the word about our grown-fresh-daily skincare & rescue of animals. There are two ways to use our content – and to do so in a legal manner that helps us maintain our contractual obligations with models and/or photographers:

How to Post:

1. Share our posts We love when you share our posts to your social media! This is a great way to share content to your audience without any legal risk. Because we have contracts in place with some models, photographers, and creators featured in our posts, downloading our feed's content to repost is something we highly discourage. The best way is to simply select "share" on Facebook to share directly to your page's feed, or share posts from our feed to your stories on Instagram.

2. Use our Marketing Tool assets to create fresh posts

In the sections below, we include corporate photos of products, textures and social media posts you are welcome to download and use at any time for your company's marketing.

If you're not sure if you can use a piece of content, send an email to We'll be happy to help!