Fostering Pregnant Mama

On Thursday, February 29, we received a call from Healing Hearts Rescue asking if we could help. There was a pregnant horse at the auction, and they were nervous about transporting her straight to Arizona. They asked if we could pick her up and bring her back to our ranch. Of course, we said yes!

A Surprise at the Auction

We went to the auction to get her. There was no information on her other than the listing that said she was "heavily bred," meaning very pregnant!

Heartbreaking Condition

When we got her, we were shocked to see that her hooves were in awful condition. They had almost grown flat to the ground and were splitting. She was very nervous to load up in the trailer, and we had no clue how she would be when we got back to the ranch.

A Warm Welcome

After arriving back at the ranch, we put her into her own area, where she is quarantined from the rest of the herd. We were so happy to learn immediately that she was super friendly! She loves being pet and brushed.

Dr. Metcalf will come early next week to examine her in person. Based on pictures, he believes she may be foaling soon, maybe as soon as the next 2 weeks! He will also examine her hooves.

A New Beginning

Once cleared for travel, she and Larry will journey to Arizona. From there, she and her foal will find their forever home in Hawaii.