Fuzziest Baby Donkey Orphan Finds a New Home

Meet this resilient little one, an orphaned donkey named Teddy who has already faced so much in his young life. He and his mother arrived at the sale barn in critical shape, both malnourished and in need of medical attention. Tragically, his mother didn't survive, leaving him all alone to face the world.

The Road to Rehabilitation

At approximately 16 months old, Teddy is still very thin, and every bone is visible beneath his matted hair. But we are determined to turn his life around. With a starvation feeding program and lots of care, we are working to help him gain the necessary weight and strength to thrive. His hooves are very overgrown, and his stance has us concerned. Before attempting to trim his hooves, we're seeking guidance from Dr. Metcalf, who will be conducting X-rays to ensure we handle it correctly. Despite his hardships, he doesn't appear to be in pain, but his feet do look quite peculiar, almost like elves' shoes!

A Sweet Surprise: He LOVES People!

But here's the incredible part – despite everything he's been through, he absolutely adores people! He loves being scratched, brushed, and having his head held in your arms. When we go about our chores, he wails out to us, craving companionship and affection. He may have a frail body, but he is a little bundle of love, and each day brings him closer to recovery.

Alone but Loving Quarantine

For now, Teddy is quarantining by himself in Elderly Alley, with a mini walkout area so he can see and interact with other animals from a distance. He's particularly fond of Piper, our baby horse recovering from surgery, who comes to visit him across her pen, chit-chatting away as they bond through their shared journey of healing.

Recovering from Strangles

We're dealing with a series of challenging health issues currently. All four of our newest minis, including Teddy, began showing symptoms of Strangles, an aggressive equine streptococcal infection. It comes with fevers and painful skin abscesses, resembling large pimples, and it's highly contagious. Our team had to adhere to rigorous medical procedures, including changing into fresh clothes, and even showering, to prevent any potential spread to other animals. The good news is that Theo is now fever-free, and Teddy is steadily gaining weight. What's heartwarming is seeing their unbreakable bond; these two are now inseparable best friends.