Granny’s Ulcers Have Returned

On February 16, Granny, who had been home from the hospital for exactly one month, took a turn for the worse. She refused to finish her breakfast, a rare behavior that had only occurred twice before, both times due to an impaction. Concerned, we immediately took her to Weems for evaluation.

A Diagnosis and Immediate Treatment

At Weems, tests confirmed our suspicions: Granny had a stomach impaction and elevated triglyceride levels. The veterinary team acted swiftly, admitting her for treatment. Granny received Coke to dissolve the impaction and sugar via IV to address her triglyceride levels. While we search for the root cause of these issues, we are grateful for the vigilant care she is receiving.

Steps Towards Recovery: Changes for Granny's Well-being

Just over a week later, Granny was discharged with medications to prevent and heal her ulcers. To prevent future impactions, we've made significant changes to her living conditions. She now resides in a stall with cushioned mats instead of shavings and is fed hay pellets instead of hay. 

These changes were based on scopes conducted during each impaction, which revealed the presence of hay and shavings in her stomach.  We are hopeful that these adjustments will prevent future impactions.

Addressing Additional Challenges: Granny's Hoof Abscess

During her hospital stay, Granny also developed a hoof abscess, a painful condition that required special care. She is currently undergoing a soak treatment to help drain the abscess more quickly.