Mr. Huckleberry

A Special Hat

This holiday, we used FarmHouse Fresh purchases to save a beautiful pony who we've named Mr. Huckleberry (aka Huck). Just THE cutest little 10-year-old Shetland pony who's joined our herd of FHF Sanctuary rescues. His unique coloring is described as a "Medicine Hat" - a white pony with butterscotch hair at the forehead and ears that resembles a hat. It is believed in some Native American Cultures that horses with Huck’s markings and infinitely blue eyes possess supernatural powers. He's certainly got them - as he captured our hearts so quickly on our farm.

Healing At FHF

Huck was tagged for slaughter at a kill pen auction, so we swooped in. He arrived underweight, and coughing continuously. As you'll see in the video below, Huck has a mighty personality for that itty bitty body. A few fun facts:

• He only eats goat treats flavored like licorice.

• Alfalfa is his form of turnips. Unlike most horses who love alfalfa hay, Huck will spit it out on your shoes.

• Spirit, our large pony, considered Huck his nemesis for 4 whole weeks! Spirit actually injured his leg, chasing Huck from one end of the pasture to the next. Now, these 2 give each other massages!