Mae's Recovery Marks the End of Strangles!

Mae's last positive status for Strangles meant we couldn't accept new cases or fully integrate the herd. Dr. Metcalf conducted a Pharyngeal wash, a PCR test to confirm if Strangles was still present. However, the results were inconclusive, possibly due to false negatives.

A Thorough Examination

Dr. Metcalf used a scope to examine Mae's guttural pouch, a common site for Strangles infection. Fortunately, it was completely clear, ruling out any remaining infection.

Celebrating a Clear Bill of Health

With Mae's results, we are officially Strangles-free! We have reopened our pastures, allowing all our animals to be together again. The herd, donkeys, and goats are overjoyed to have more space to roam and to be reunited with their friends.