Saved from the Brink of Starvation: Meet Izzy

We saw this starved elderly mare at a sale barn and knew we had to save her! She was leaning against the trailer to stand, but still standing. Her condition was dire – graded at just 1 on the body scale, she was emaciated with no body fat, and she hadn't eaten in an excruciatingly long time. Her body had resorted to stealing from her own muscles just to keep her going. 

A Painful Discovery

Dr. Splawn's examination revealed how her teeth had never been floated or filed, leaving them severely overgrown, sharp, and pointy. This caused excruciating open sores throughout her mouth and tongue which is what likely kept her from eating properly for many months. As if that weren't enough, an ultrasound revealed pneumonia in her right lung. Our sweet Izzy was in urgent need of help.

Starting a Refeeding Program

Izzy's recovery began with a starvation refeeding program, consisting of small bowls of soup every few hours. It was the first step on her long road to survival, all made possible by YOU.

First Signs of Progress

We're delighted to share the first signs of hope in Izzy's recovery. She's much stronger than she was on her first night. Now, Izzy follows a strict refeeding regimen, getting a total of 9 pounds of soaked senior grain spread across the day, with a target of 20 pounds. Refeeding a starved horse is a delicate process, but you can see just how excited she is for each bite! To tackle her pneumonia, Izzy receives oral antibiotics and a Nebulizer – a kind of inhaler for horses, delivering essential medicine. Dr. Splawn, Chloe, and the remarkable team at Weems Hospital are showering her with the love and care she so rightfully deserves.

A Brighter Tomorrow for Izzy

Izzy's future is looking brighter every day. When we saw her last, she had braids in her hair and was freshly bathed. The hope for her recovery remains strong. However, her teeth continue to be a significant challenge, causing ulcers in her mouth and making every bite painful. When she's strong enough, Dr. Splawn will float her teeth to give her the relief she desperately needs.

Izzy’s Recovery Continues

We're thrilled to share the latest update – after spending a week at the hospital, Izzy is finally back home! Her pneumonia has significantly improved, and she can now continue her recovery with oral antibiotics. We're diligently monitoring her refeeding program, carefully measuring out her grain and alfalfa. Our dedicated team members, including late-night heroes like Sierra, work tirelessly to provide her with overnight feedings.

Izzy will remain quarantined for 35 days, during which she can't mingle with other animals. We've placed her in a front stall, where she can observe the herd and gradually reintegrate into the equine community.

A Grateful Heart

Why is this video of Izzy sniffing a bag of shavings and casually strolling away so amazing? Because, for the first time since her rescue, she refrained from devouring them! It's a fantastic milestone - she was near bedding without the urge to overindulge! Taking things gradually for caution, but we're optimistic that by tomorrow, she'll enjoy a plush and comfy stall. This is a wonderful indicator of Izzy's healing and growing strength! A heartfelt thank you for your unwavering support and for being part of this sweet girl's incredible journey.