There Will Never Be Another

Saying goodbye to Willow

Sweet Willow Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Yesterday afternoon, Willow passed peacefully. It was an honor to care for her these last 4 years, thanks to each of you who purchased products. We're grateful to have known her and helped her find a meaningful life with friends – a life that outshined her difficult past as an abandoned draft horse, bleeding & broken at the age of 5. 

Everyone at our HQ came out to the hill to be with her. We’ve spent so many moments wrapping her leg, washing her, providing wound care, braiding her hair…It is a loss that is so palpable. But today, she decided it was time.
If you followed her story, you'll know she recently, bravely overcame EPM, a severe neurological condition. However, the treatment's impact, which included confinement to a 12x12 padded stall and caused a significant loss in body size, became too much for her compromised leg. As a result, standing became increasingly difficult for her. 💔

We are working on a full medical writeup because we believe sharing the products, procedures, and medicines that proved effective is essential in benefiting other rescues and vets. Animals deserve better. They add so much to our lives, and they should be provided the same kind of human end-of-life care we provide to our loved ones.

We are SO VERY LUCKY to have a dream team of the most encouraging veterinarians – Dr. Avery of Bonham Veterinary Clinic in Bonham, TX, Dr. Metcalf of Three Oaks Equine Clinic in Whitesboro, TX, and Dr. Vlahos of Yellowstone Equine Hospital in Cody, WY. We can’t imagine operating our animal sanctuary without them. The challenges that come with elderly, abused, & neglected animals are so large, quick to develop, and it takes a willingness to TRY.

Today, Willow would stand at the gate and greet every one of you who ever contributed to her healing if she could. She was gentle, appreciative, kind to every animal – over 30+ scared newcomers over the years. She was a friend to all. She was loved beyond words and will be forever missed.