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Boer Goat


A Little Bit About Me...
Pops was the life of the party at the farm – a playful Alpine goat with a knack for keeping things interesting. He was bottle-fed from an early age, and was such a talkative little man. He’d chat your ear off if he could! But his favorite pastime was sparring with his best friends, Lolly and Otis. Unfortunately, Pops left us due to recurring Urinary Calculi issues, despite our best efforts to help him. He will always be remembered for the laughter and joy he brought to the farm.

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Pops was a master at mischief, always finding ways to entertain us with his playful stunts. From leaping atop a massive feed truck to turning a trailer filled with garbage bags into a Chuck-E-Cheese ball pit – he was a bundle of energy and laughter, bringing smiles to everyone he met!

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Rescue Journey